small fluffy logoUin : 3063189
small fluffy logoIrc nick : MeOwPhiL
small fluffy logoNationality : Nomadic

Now for the real about me

Music I like
Limp bizkit (is this nu metal?)
Dave Clarke (electro/techno)
Ritchie Hawtin (Techno)
Jeff Mills (Techno/electro)
Sven Vath (techno)
Apollo440 (electro/rock)
Blu Peter (dance)
Booker T and the MG's
Carl Cox - Seen him at homelands where he was too showy really, Chemical Brothers
Danzig (metal)
Dead Kennerdys (indie/punk)
Dan Robbins (electronic trance)
Future sound of london - (Old skool electronica)
Underworld - (electronic)
Leftfield - (electronic)
Monty python sings songs - Classics!
Green velvet (techno)
Wagner (classic)

Fings I like to do
Vehicle wise, Im into weird homebuilt vehicles, the weirder the better!