small fluffy logoAge : 8(mental) Child of 71
small fluffy logoSex : Yes Please, er I mean Male
small fluffy logoUin : 3063189
small fluffy logoIrc nick : MeOwPhiL
small fluffy logoStar sign : Aries
small fluffy logoMarital : Happily Married to p00
small fluffy logoFav colour : Blue
small fluffy logoNationality : Nomadic
small fluffy logoOccupation : Computer Security consultant

Now for the real about me

Music I like
Limp bizkit (is this nu metal?)
Dave Clarke (electro/techno)
Ritchie Hawtin (Techno)
Jeff Mills (Techno/electro)
Sven Vath (techno)
Apollo440 (electro/rock)
Blu Peter (dance)
Booker T and the MG's
Carl Cox - Seen him at homelands where he was too showy really, Chemical Brothers
Danzig (metal)
Dead Kennerdys (indie/punk)
Dan Robbins (electronic trance)
Future sound of london - (Old skool electronica)
Underworld - (electronic)
Leftfield - (electronic)
Monty python sings songs - Classics!
Green velvet (techno)
Wagner (classic)

Fings I like to do
As anyone who knows anything about me will tell you, most of my interests involve either computers or motorvehicles. Although we do have a dog (Called smeg) and two cats (Daisy and Lilly), and of course I enjoy chasing small furry mousey toys round with the cats, or playing football with Smeg.
If you want to learn more about Pip, Smeg or Lilly, or my interaction with them, your probally better off surfing over to PipandPhil.com because this site is a deliciously self centered look at the fluffmeister

Vehicle wise, Im into weird homebuilt vehicles, the weirder the better!

Click the links and read the workshop section for my current bikes. Ive always had bikes of some description as there was always something in bits in the shed being worked on/abandoned after blow ups etc. I think the first engine I really got to play with was a vespa scooter motor someone had left in pieces aged about 12, and I just cant get bikes out of my blood!
Ive mellowed of late and now actually own two almost standard bikes (well ive done a few tweaks but nothing too major) but what still really gets me going is streetfighters, in particular the homebrew variety!
By that I dont mean yet another formula 7/11 gixxer with no farings, but one off frames and running gear (preferably built in a shed rather than manufacturered by one of the specialists), things that arent necesarily the norm, daring to be a little different but still having something that performs as form must follow function for correct design in my metholodgy.
Enough already, thats my philosiphy, go look at my bikes if you want more words, they speak their own stories.

Im a latecomer to 4 wheels, in fact I didnt have a car license till into my twenties and only took the test for work purposes (I was a vehicle inspector for vauxhall fleet, and not being able to legally drive was a big problem). Ive since warmed to them a little to the extent that now Im making a mid engined spaceframed kitcar, most the way through restoring a vw type2 camper which my wife wanted, and building a streetrod style H van (well building it in my mind, metal hasnt been cut on that one yet).
My philosiphy is the same again, it has to be good solid engineering, using the best bits I can lay my hands on for reasonable money, in the best layout I can come up with, and when all that is addressed, it has to look good afterwards.
What suprises most people is that I hate to work on standard vehicles, but for me the height of annoyance is struggling round in a engine bay that has been designed for mass production cheapness rather than being a joy to work on. This results in Pip's cars getting jobs done at a local garage, although I relented and fitted a new engine to it last year due to poverty.